Turn Off the Beep in XP

How do I turn off the really loud beep when I change my volume and do other things in XP?

The beep can be pretty loud when you are trying to adjust your volume.  So loud that it can annoy your cube mates–especially if you are trying to get the volume just right :).

I finally discovered how to turn off that beep and all other beeps that aren’t really tied in to the Windows sound interface. There is a "device" named "Beep" that you must disable.

Here’s how to do it.

1. Right click on My Computer.
2. Go to the Hardware tab.
3. Click Device Manager. The Device Manager window will open. If you know how to get to this window some other way, that’s fine.
4. Here’s the trick. From the View menu, choose Show hidden devices.
5. Under the Non-Plug and Play Drivers, find the Beep driver.
6. Right-click on it and chose Disable from the menu.

You may have to reboot after doing this. After you’re done, check it out. Go to the volume control and adjust away without bothering your cube mates (or your sleeping wife who’s been asleep since 10:00 and it’s now 2:00 am 🙂 ).

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