Keep Outlook Meeting Requests

When I accept a meeting in Microsoft Outlook, the meeting request is deleted but I want to keep it in my inbox. How do I do that?

I recently upgraded from Microsoft Office 2003 to 2007. I had figured this out in 2003 and was really happy the way things were working. But, after the upgrade, it got set back to the default of deleting when you respond to the meeting request. So, I had to hunt it down again and change it. I thought I would write it up in case there was anyone out there that might need it.

Here’s how you keep your meeting requests in Outlook after you’ve responded to it by accepted or declining the meeting:

1. From the Outlook menu, choose "Tools | Options".
2. On the Preferences tab, click E-mail Options….
3. On the "E-mail Options" window, click Advanced E-mail Options….
4. On the "Advanced E-mail Options" window, uncheck Delete meeting request from Inbox when responding.
5. Click all of the OK buttons to save the changes and close the windows.

Now, all of your meeting requests will stay in your inbox. Yeah!

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  1. Excellent !!! I have also upgrade and couldn't find this option…now it worked… tks

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