Outlook Signatures

Sometimes I don’t want a signature in Outlook. I’m tired of highlighting and erasing my corporate mandated signature with all the legal jargon on it on internal facing emails. Is there a quick way to do that?

I have three signatures in my Outlook; 1) External Signature, 2) Internal Signature and 3) Blank.

For the external signature, I put all the fancy logos, legal jargon and phone numbers and emails.

For my internal, it literally says, "Thanks, Curt, Phone#".

My last one is named Blank and has nothing in the signature body. The advantage to having that last one is that when I select it, Outlook is smart enough to remove the previous signature.

So, I can leave my external signature as the default and select the Blank signature to quickly kill the previous signature when I’m just replying to people or creating a really informal email. This saves a few seconds of selecting and deleting and keeps me from accidentally keeping the small font formatting in my email from the legal jargon at the bottom.

Let me know if this helps you out!