Majic Jack Phone

Is the Majic Jack phone legitimate? Do people have problems with it?

If you’ve been seeing the Majic Jack $19.95 a year phone offer and wondering if it is something you should consider, you might want to read this blog here.

In short, the bulk of the work occurs on your computer, it must be on all the time, there is advertisements you must endure and the software sniffs your Internet activity.

That said, if you have a spare PC that you don’t use and don’t mind leaving it on all the time, it sure is a good price for a free phone number.

3 thoughts on “Majic Jack Phone

  1. Magic Jack is old school. check out to Launch Free International Calling Across Multiple Platforms an interactive multi-platform based free nationwide and international calling service provider is planning on launching it’s beta product in the coming months and is actively seeking users to test its service across various platforms including the web, smart phone platforms including iPhone & Android.

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