JavaScript Design Patterns

Where can I learn about JavaScript design patterns?

Here is a really good book by Addy Osmani title, “Learning JavaScript Design Patterns”.

Here’s a snapshot of the table of contents . . . good stuff . . .

What is a Pattern?
“Pattern”-ity Testing, Proto-Patterns & The Rule Of Three
The Structure Of A Design Pattern
Writing Design Patterns
Categories Of Design Pattern
Summary Table Of Design Pattern Categorization
JavaScript Design Patterns
  Constructor Pattern
  Module Pattern
  Revealing Module Pattern
  Singleton Pattern
  Observer Pattern
  Mediator Pattern
  Prototype Pattern
  Command Pattern
  Facade Pattern
  Factory Pattern
  Mixin Pattern
  Decorator Pattern
  Flyweight Pattern
JavaScript MV* Patterns
  MVC Pattern
  MVP Pattern
  MVVM Pattern
Modern Modular JavaScript Design Patterns
  ES Harmony
Design Patterns In jQuery
  Composite Pattern
  Adapter Pattern
  Facade Pattern
  Observer Pattern
  Iterator Pattern
  Lazy Initialization Pattern
  Proxy Pattern
  Builder Pattern
jQuery Plugin Design Patterns
JavaScript Namespacing Patterns