Creating ISO Files From CDs and DVDs

I want to create an ISO image file from my CD or DVD but the burning software that came with my computer (e.g. Roxio, etc.) doesn’t do it unless I "upgrade" and pay money to do it. How can I do this without upgrading?

There is a wonderful shell extension for XP and Vista created by Alex Feinman. You can find the application here:

Just download the version for you computer, install it, put a CD or DVD in the drive, right click the drive and choose "Create image from CD". He has instructions here.

You can also right click on an ISO image and write it to a CD/DVD. It can’t get any easier (and cheaper . . . it’s free) than this.

Oh, and don’t forget to donate some cash. This is a slick tool and he deserves a few bucks. I donated a few.

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