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I’m using Visual Studio 2003 (2005, 2008)  and I’m not sure which files I should be putting under version control.

We are currently transitioning our source code control to SVN. As I’m moving files and checking things in I occasionally see a few files that I wonder if we should be versioning at all. So, I looked them up. Here’s what I found from this page.

You can add the following files to Visual Studio source control:

  • Solution files (*.sln).

  • Project files, for example, *.csproj, *.vbproj files.

  • Application configuration files, based on XML, used to control run-time behavior of a Visual Studio project.

Files that you cannot add to source control include the following:

  • Solution user option files (*.suo).

  • Project user option files, for example, *.csproj.user, *.vbproj.user files.

  • Web information files, for example, *.csproj.webinfo, *.vbproj.webinfo, that control the virtual root location of a Web project.

  • Build output files, for example, *.dll and *.exe files.

The main one that I see often is the .suo file. I’m going to kill those files in my SVN tree right now . . . 

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