Amazon’s 1-Click MP3 Download

I just want that one song.

iTunes lets you download albums and songs. The catch—you need an iPod to listen to them away from the computer.

Now—how can I put this—oh, I know. Ok. I’ve heard of a few people that rip CDs and get their MP3s from chat rooms and P2P software. Of course, I have never done that—uh hmm. They do this to have more flexibility with their music. Most of the people that I know that do this purchased the cassettes (remember those) or have the CDs but just don’t want to bother with ripping. They occasionally sample the music but for the most part, they are honest.

My kids have iPods (I don’t—I just stream my music mostly . . . I like the variety). They have discovered some interesting music on iTunes. One song I heard them listening to is Amaranth by Nightwish from their "Dark Passion Play" album . It’s catchy.  Great band. Today, the song got stuck in my head. I have occasionally watched the video on You Tube. But, the quality of the sound is nothing like from a CD or on my kids’ iPods.

So, I considered having my kids burn the CD and the let me rip it so that I could hear the album. I don’t really like the entire album but this song . . . this song I wanted. But, after thinking about it, I didn’t want to spend the time doing all that. So, I just went to Amazon all prepared to buy the album because I want these guys to be around, their music is good, and that’s when I saw it . . .

Amazon just released the ability to purchase single songs in MP3 format. No catch. No licenses. Nothing. Just a 256k ripped song for $0.99.  Oh . . . it was 1-click. 10 seconds later I’m jamming to that song on my computer from the MP3 in WinAmp with repeat (now I’ll never get it out of my head).

So, why is this on Dev Blog?

Ah, that’s because, for me, Amazon has done it. They have created software that you don’t think about. Consider this. When I wanted the album, what did I do? I didn’t get in my car and go to Wal-Mart (yeah, like they have Nightwish) or Best Buy. I didn’t even go to their websites. I went to a BOOK website expecting to get the album by Friday and instead, I got the single song I wanted instantly.

I don’t think I made my point though. Let me try again.

When I bought the song, I didn’t really think about what I was doing. I just did it. They have become a habit to me as the place to go for things. By the way, I just realized that I was looking at the new Sony 56 inch wide-screen TVs on Amazon the other day. They were cheaper than BestBuy and had free shipping. If I buy one, I think I’m going to try Amazon. Jeff Bezos, if you’re listening, congratulations, Amazon has just become equivalent with purchasing in my mind and I didn’t even see it coming. Nice job.

See, that’s the ultimate goal of software as a product for a company.

People use it, they expect it, and it becomes a part of their life without consideration. Just like the OS you’re reading this website on, and the browser . . . that’s the goal.

By the way Jeff, if you take the wifi concept you have in Kindle and hook it up with this MP3 download . . . you’ll be unstoppable. Music on demand, 1-click, getting a 1 dollar a click. Nice. I can’t wait.