MVC and View Engines

If you’re coding MVC and using the Razor view engine exclusively, consider changing the default behavior of your ASP.NET web application by modifying the Global.asax.cs’s Application_Start and adding the following lines at the top of the routine:

ViewEngines.Engines.Add(new RazorViewEngine());

By default, both the WebForms and Razor processor are created. The above clears the engines out and then adds back only the Razor view engine. This will increase the performance of your site by not running your pages through the WebForms processor first.

Good MVC Primer

Where can I learn Microsoft’s ASP.NET MVC C# quickly?

This is a really good survey of MVC by Scott Allen. If you’ve been in software development and done some of the older, ASP or ASP.NET web programming, you can pick this up pretty quickly with his tutorial.

Also, he show’s you how to get free tools for following along. That’s right, you can learn all of this for free with free tools from Microsoft.

Here’s the link: